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Entry #1


2009-05-20 20:23:21 by ferretsareawesome

Well hello, yeah that picture to the side, I drew it... If you have a problem with it go fuck yourself, and by the way it is old and I have not been working on any yiff recently, if I had flash I would be submitting all of my shit haha, but I do not lucky for you...


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2009-05-22 21:54:26

Not bad, I wish I could draw a tenth of that good XD, I has no artistic talent, I only have fingers of fire when it comes to guitar :3.

ferretsareawesome responds:

Thanks much, I am posting a new one up in a second so stay tuned... When I get flash hello home made galleries and animations... !


2009-05-25 11:15:19

Wow you can draw pretty good. Ya i have no drawing talent either xD. Nice hp tho <.<

ferretsareawesome responds:

As I said to jack stay tuned I will try a new one every week. Do not know how long it can last but eh haha..