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Hey people...

2009-07-23 01:21:49 by ferretsareawesome

Hey guys, how are you doing? Decided to put my art down in the art portal now, but the first pic... Uhh didn't make it? How the fuck is it supposed to make it I submitted it to the fucking art portal you fucki--, lost my cool, my bad. My internet has been shit and my art programs are hell to me, they are bugged. But they take a while to get back, so I will work on it. I haven't made much recently because of those two reasons. But if you are a fur I promise you things to look forward to, but it may take a while. I am a little dissapointed because I think one of my frined came over and did the dirty with virussed porn sites on my laptop. But anyway, I am lacking that umph that made my first furry pics, but with a little support I might make more. Well, no matter what I will but it will not be that good. If any of you people even read to this point, please recomend my pic to the art portal, and if it makes it I will make more. And animations too, and what not. So if it makes it be prepared for yiffatopia. But if you are not a fur, please do not discourage just because you are dick, ugh I mean because you do not like the form of art. Yeah... Haha, but whatever, thanks for reading, and I still wonder how the fuck you got here... But bye for now, be prepared for ultimate bitching if the pic doesn't make it to the art portal in a year, because unfortunalty thats the way I roll. Bye, please help me out!


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2009-07-23 01:23:57


ferretsareawesome responds:

Just me infinately bitching about how my art will never make it to the art portal. That is all. By the way HI!