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Ultra artist block..

2009-07-29 23:31:03 by ferretsareawesome

Well, I have the fucking most painful artist block ever. I need your help, I will make you a fur, if you want. you just need to fill this out! And sorry only drawing chicks.

Pubic hair (Yes, No?):
Breast cup:
Age (Please 17 or above):
Clothes (Optional, suggested to not have any):
Fur color:
Hair (must have sorry):
Eye color:

And if possible have a referance pic! Because I may have a little a hard time without one.
Please halp though!


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2009-07-29 23:40:36

Eh. Well I'm not much help, although there was some dude who i remember was supposed to be making some yiff story. I think his name was arctic-zone or something like that. He might be able to help you.

ferretsareawesome responds:

Oh, thank you much, all help is appriciated.


2009-07-29 23:41:34

I understand if you do not help... I know how hard it is to fill out a fifteen question quiz. Very difficult lol... But please help anyway... So bored!


2009-07-29 23:47:27

Sure, I'll fill it out anyway.

1. James

2. cat I guess

3. Joking, funny


5. I don't have boobs.

6. 5'9

7. 20

8. happy

9. none

10. none

11. grey

12. I guess hair to tshoulder.

13. Nothing really.

14. none

15. None.

ferretsareawesome responds:

Uh oh, sorry girls only.. I am terribly sorry...


2009-07-29 23:57:01

My friend, there are no girls on the internet.

ferretsareawesome responds:

Lol tru, but you make one up, like sandy... My name is not Sandy and I am not a female. Or a fox. Haha, just get a random poof in your ead and write it or draw it on a peice of paper. That is how sandy was born.


2009-08-01 19:25:52

She I'll post one to help out:
Name: Kassy
Animal: Panther
Personality: Very outgoing, willing to do most anything.
Pubic hair (Yes, No?): No
Breast cup: 38C
Height: 5' 10''
Age (Please 17 or above): 19
Expression: Playful
Tattoos: Maybe a snake wrapped around her right thigh would be sweet.
Clothes (Optional, suggested to not have any): just a studded belt around her waist.
Fur color: Black
Hair (must have sorry): very Long
Accessories: many ear piercing but just simple rings or studs.
Eye color: Bright Yellow
Make-up: None considering she has black fur XD

Hope I help, I know where your coming from and thanks for the review!

ferretsareawesome responds:

I am working on it now, and any time, I hope to see more ^^