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Heads up (Help me out) [I need flash]

2009-08-04 14:12:13 by ferretsareawesome

Hey guys, this is a heads up on whats been happening. I have been making music too much to draw, but my last journal brought in Frau-Pusie, I believe it was. Very good artist, but took down his/her work. Probably a guy though. But anyway, he/she asked me to draw one of his/her people, and it is coming along great so far... Its been a day or so, been working non stop, the shading is great, the outline is nice... So furs rejoice, there is officially another fur on newgrounds to add to the thousands making me feel like a nonentity, but anyway I am drawing it by myself.. If anyone wants to make a furry flash I will definately provide art! I don't have flash, someone please tell me how much Flash cs3 is, or if possible tell me how much the Cs3 combo pack is, or where I can get flash 8. Because I prefer flash 8. But then I can promise you some flashes. If I get five or more votes in the comments to post the pic so far I will... Thanks alot people, See you whenever.

I will only draw females
Pubic hair (Yes, No?):
Breast cup:
Age (Please 17 or above):
Clothes (Optional, suggested to not have any):
Fur color:
Hair (must have sorry):
Eye color:


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2009-08-04 14:44:33

I don't usually like furries but.....

Name- Michelle
Animal- fox
Personality- mature
Pubes- a little
Breast Cup- 34-C
Height- 5'7''
Age- 20
Expression- (if she's getting f*cked) pleasured; (if she's just naked) embarassed
Tattoos- a rose on her right arm
Clothes- (optional) stockings
Fur Color- red
Hair- deep red/brown
Accessories- necklace and bracelets
Eye Color- green
Make-up- 'light' eye liner and lipstick

And that's about it. =P

ferretsareawesome responds:

I am sorry... But it will be started soon once I am done with Kassy